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Delaney Amatrudo is a musical theatre artist who recently returned to her hometown of Nashville, TN after spending several years in New York City working to develop new musicals with some of the industry’s best and brightest writers and composers.

Delaney holds a BFA in Drama with a concentration in Musical Theatre from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts where she spent 4 years studying at the New Studio on Broadway.

In addition to her work in the musical theatre industry, Delaney is an accomplished vocalist who has performed at such iconic venues as 54 Below, New World Stages, Birdland, Joe’s Pub and more.

Delaney currently lives with her partner in Nashville, TN where she is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling and working to develop a trauma therapy-informed acting technique to support future generations of artists.

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Nashville Repertory Theatre 2024


Street Theatre Company 2023

White Elephant

Darkhorse Theater 2022


Nashville Repertory Theatre 2022

Lizzie: The Musical

Street Theatre Company 2021


Dead Girl Walking (Reprise)

from Heathers


by Kerrigan & Lowdermilk

Coma Honey

by Sara Cooper & Amy Burgess

Bro Bar

Monologue from Elevator Heart

Selected Press

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Amatrudo, as ’Chana, the Ingenue,’ is finally given a role worthy of her estimable talents and she makes the most of the opportunity to create an unforgettable role that seems as if it is written expressly for her.”

-Jef Ellis (BroadwayWorld) on Indecent

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Delaney Amatrudo anchors the piece in the title role, demonstrating impressive vocal range and control, while making a believable journey from traumatized young woman to swaggering, ax-wielding heroine. Act I’s ‘This is Not Love’ is particularly potent, revealing Lizzie’s emotional state and reminding us just how precarious her situation actually is. But her steely resolve and powerhouse vocals quickly pick up in big numbers such as ‘Gotta Get Out of Here’ and ‘Burn the Old Thing Up.’”

-Amy Stumpfl (The Nashville Scene) on Lizzie

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Delaney Amatrudo, who local audiences have known from the time she was in middle school was destined to become a musical theater star, fills Lizzie Borden with so much passion, that it's a wonder the fire marshal hasn't shut the place down yet. Amatrudo's vocals will pin your ears back with her power, yet she is able to make Lizzie's emotions turn on a dime - going from pliant and innocent to a raging hellion with the slightest gesture. Her performance is fully indicative of all the promise she's shown throughout her time on local stages.”

-Jef Ellis (BroadwayWorld) on Lizzie

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Falsettoland is livelier, in comparison to March of the Falsettos, thanks to the inclusion of the two lesbians from next door...who provide a jolt of adrenaline to the proceedings upon their first appearance and who instantly become part of this onstage family we have come to know. Amatrudo’s character, Dr. Charlotte, represents every lesbian to whom gay men owe so much for their efforts during the continuing battle to eradicate AIDS...”

-Jef Ellis (BroadwayWorld) on Falsettos


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